~ About Little Hart's Music ~

Little Hart’s Music was born out of a desire to introduce babies and parents to real music. There are so many baby music groups to choose from, how can you be sure you’re choosing a good one? At Little Hart’s Music we pride ourselves on writing most of the songs we use ourselves.  Those we haven’t written are usually traditional nursery rhymes. We want your baby to have a gentle, encouraging and supportive introduction to the use of live music, and to provide you with the skills and confidence to use music playfully in your own home. Little Hart’s Music was founded by Sarah and Jon in January 2018.

Sarah Gummett-Hart (MA Music Therapist, flautist and singer) is our "public facing" creator. You'll find her facilitating the sessions and supporting the families attending. As a qualified Music Therapist she is trained to meet you and your baby in the music where you are.
Jon Hart (BA Hons, Freelance Musician and Fingerstyle Singer-songwriter) is in the background as our resident composer, webmaster and will soon be recording and producing our first Little Hart's Music album. Check out www.jonhartmusic.com for more information.
Little Hart's Music wouldn't be complete without our two little Harts! LHM was born after we made the transition into parenthood and experienced baby music groups personally. Our love for our children and the importance we place on early musical experiences is our drive and motivation.

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