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Welcome to the LHM store page. Here you can buy our Volumes One and Two. Albums on both CD and digital download. These albums mean so much to us and we’ve been overwhelmed with the response from volume one. Volume two is now available to buy on CD from late August 2020. Volume Two digital download will be available towards the end of 2020. Have a look around and please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Volume Two (Album)

It has been a lot of fun putting Volume Two together. After feedback and testimonials from Volume one we felt compelled to put together another collection of songs. Our composing and arranging have stepped up a level of three in this album and we’re so excited to hear the response. This album features songs for waking up, car journeys and bath-times, as well as family anthems and songs that don’t make parent’s heads hurt! We look forward to hearing your feedback. 
"What a beautiful album to nurture and support connections between little ones and their parents.  A gentle listen for parents and their children with enchanting songs about daily routines, counting and breath work. A real treasure!"
Dr Kimberley Bennett @The_Psychologists_Child
"I listened to this album from beginning to end without my children the first time and it's absolutely beautiful. Sarah's voice is stunning and the lyrics are so apt. Definitely one for all the parents out there."
Laura, Co-founder of Infinity-Space to Grow.
"What lovely, calming, relaxing music to listen to with my little girl.  It was lovely to have a rare calm moment (after a very hyperactive morning) with my little one."
Becky (and her daughter Indigo) from Tots Togther

Volume One (Album)

Volume One features 11 originals and 2 nursery rhymes. Songs such as The Weather Song and You & Me have become favourites in our sessions and online listeners.  We’ve had so many lovely testimonials for this LP…
"Listening to the Little Hart's CD has been absolutely gorgeous as it has brought back so many happy and emotive memories of the classes we loved. As well as the favourites from class we love the new songs on the CD.
Stacey and Little A.
"This CD is a beautiful way to bond and connect with your babies and children as well as to explore song, language, movement, sign and music." Sarah, Local Antenatal Practitioner
Sarah, Local Antenatal Practitioner
"I know that parents and their little ones will adore the songs: some are familiar from Sara's classes and others I've not heard before, so a great combination... The music and talent is raw and it touches your heart."
Michelle, Busy Lizzy Club Owner


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