Welcome to our instruments shop.

We are proud to stock Nino & REMO Percussion instruments and other high quality  hand held instruments for your little ones.

These are beautiful instruments that make playful music making irresistible to developing minds.  


Mini Cabassa

This hand held percussion is so engaging and fun to explore. Little hands will love creating new sounds on this African instrument.

Jingle Wrist Bells

The perfect stocking filler from Father Christmas.... These should be supervised in young children as the bells are not covered and could cause injury if placed in the mouth.

18" Tambourine

This gorgeous mirrored tambourine is the perfect way to engage your little ones interest in music as they can enjoy gazing at their reflection while they play!

Rainbow Claves

These lovely wooden claves make a beautiful sound. Rainbow colours (limited available)
"What a beautiful album to nurture and support connections between little ones and their parents.  A gentle listen for parents and their children with enchanting songs about daily routines, counting and breath work. A real treasure!"
Dr Kimberley Bennett @The_Psychologists_Child
"I listened to this album from beginning to end without my children the first time and it's absolutely beautiful. Sarah's voice is stunning and the lyrics are so apt. Definitely one for all the parents out there."
Laura, Co-founder of Infinity-Space to Grow and Mum of two.
"What lovely, calming, relaxing music to listen to with my little girl.  It was lovely to have a rare calm moment (after a very hyperactive morning) with my little one."
Becky (and her daughter Indigo) from Tots Togther

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