Welcome to our Music!

Here you can buy our music: written and created for you and your little ones. 

Volumes One and Two on both CD and digital download, as well as our Sleep EP. Don’t forget to get your copy of our song book too so you can sing and play along at home and re-create your own Little Hart’s Music sessions from the comfort of your own home!

These albums mean so much to us and we’ve been overwhelmed with the response from both volume one, two and the EP.

Volume One (2018) features our ever-popular “The Weather Song” (you’re listening to it now!), our “Sleepy Song” and “Wriggle Pickle”, and Volume Two (2020) has the epic family song “Rainbow of Hope” and “Bathtime”. We’re sure you’ll love them both.

Have a look around and do get in touch if you’ve any questions.

Digital Download Bundle (Vol 1 & 2)

Both of our original albums in digital format... for your phone, PC, at home or on the move.

Volume One (Download)

Our first album created in 2018. Includes 10 originals and 2 nursery rhymes

Volume Two (Compact Disc)

Album Volume 2 created in 2020 includes 10 originals and 2 nursery rhymes

Digital Songbook (Download)

Includes chords and lyrics for all songs
"What a beautiful album to nurture and support connections between little ones and their parents.  A gentle listen for parents and their children with enchanting songs about daily routines, counting and breath work. A real treasure!"
Dr Kimberley Bennett @The_Psychologists_Child
"I listened to this album from beginning to end without my children the first time and it's absolutely beautiful. Sarah's voice is stunning and the lyrics are so apt. Definitely one for all the parents out there."
Laura, Co-founder of Infinity-Space to Grow and Mum of two.
"What lovely, calming, relaxing music to listen to with my little girl.  It was lovely to have a rare calm moment (after a very hyperactive morning) with my little one."
Becky (and her daughter Indigo) from Tots Togther

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